Your Child’s Constipation is Worse than You Think
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Your Child’s Constipation is Worse than You Think

Your Child’s Constipation is Worse than You Think

Do something about your child’s constipation right now. Its effect on your child is as debilitating as the effects of asthma and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), according to research conducted at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.


Childhood constipation is deemed as a relatively benign condition, but the research shows that it causes considerable decline in the child’s quality of life. Constipation comes with symptoms and effects that wreak havoc in your child’s emotions. Even other members of the family can be affected emotionally and physically. These are according to Carlo Di Lorenzo, head of the Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition Department of Nationwide Children’s Hospital

The long-term solution

You can help your child have regular bowel movement the natural way. This is the better route than turning to pharmaceutical laxatives. Natural methods do not have the adverse effects that most commercial medicines have.

The most natural remedy is to feed your child with more fruits and vegetables. The usual American diet of processed foods and fast foods is the usual culprit of constipation. Reduce the consumption of these food products or better yet, cut them out altogether to reduce the possibility of constipation.

Diet recommendations for children

  • Whole grain foods
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Adequate amounts of water
  • Probiotics

Provide your family with a diet that is filled with flaxseed and psyllium. These two have natural properties that help relieve constipation. Couple it with adequate intake of water. This method is safe for long-term use unlike laxatives.

Other effective options include prune juice, senna leaves, cascara sagrada bark, and aloe latex. These herbs have chemicals that help bowel muscles contract, making the excretory process easier. A long-term solution is needed, not only one that is short-term.

Proper lifestyle habits

Good lifestyle habits will to the relief from childhood constipation. As a parent it is something that you should instill in your child. Encourage him or her to poop regularly. Establish a bowel sitting schedule. For example, 10 minutes sitting on the toilet every day after breakfast or dinner. Insure proper position on the toilet. The feet must be supported by a step stool. For FAQs, visit this page.

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