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Intellectual Property

The products on this website may be subject to one or more of the patents listed below. Further, Squatty Potty, LLC also has several trademarks that may not be used without written permission. Lastly, all content on this site is copyrighted and any reproduction is strictly prohibited unless authorized in writing.


  • U.S. Patent D677,478
  • U.S. Patent D652,222
  • U.S. Patent D698,163
  • U.S. Patent D705,554
  • U.S. Patent D738,126

Please note that several U.S. and International patents are pending.


U.S. Registrations
  • 4075379
  • 4354138
  • 4709620
  • 4800719
  • 4817591
International Registrations
  • 1129300 (several countries included)

Please note that several international applications are pending

The information on this page is only updated periodically and may not reflect all of the intellectual property held by Squatty Potty, LLC.